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Let Us Maintain Your Snowmobile with These 7 Repairs (Part 1)

Did you experience body damage on your last snowmobile tour in the Sandy, UT, area? Is your sled showing signs of wear and tear from all of your weekend snowmobile rides? Let Lofty Peaks Adventure, LLC service your machine, handling all its maintenance and repair needs, and restoring it to its like-new condition. With our highly-trained mechanics and our quick turnaround service times, we’ll have you back on the trails in no time. Along with basic repairs and maintenance, we handle the following types of snowmobile-specific services. Let Us Maintain Your Snowmobile with These 7 Repairs (Part 1)

1. Body Work

Has the body of your snowmachine seen better days? When your snowmobile is in need of a new paint job or a replacement fender, our mechanics are more than capable of handling any type of body repairs, including:
  • Collision damage
  • Scratched paint
  • Rusted body parts
  • Dented body panels
  • And more!

2. Suspension Repairs

If your sled bottoms out easily while riding or is increasingly bouncy, it may be time for a suspension check. No more rough rides on your machine! We can diagnose and repair several suspension issues, such as:
  • Shock absorbers and struts
  • Springs, arms, and ball joints
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Mounts and hardware
  • And other suspension-related issues

3. Small Engine Repairs

The service department at Lofty Peaks is trained in small engine repairs specifically for snowmobiles. We want to be sure your machine is running at top performance so you can enjoy the trails all winter long. Our team can repair or replace all parts of an engine, including:
  • Carburetor and injectors
  • Exhaust system
  • Filters and belts
  • Batteries
  • Spark plugs
  • And more!

No More Snowmobile Problems!

Whether you need preventative maintenance or major snowmobile repairs, the best choice for a top-performing machine is Lofty Peaks Adventure. Contact our repair shop in Heber City by calling (435) 654-5810 and make an appointment today. We also offer unguided snowmobile rentals and guided snowmobile rentals in several locations including Heber City, Snowbird, Midway, and Wasatch County.