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4 Snowmobile Maintenance Tips for Top-Notch Winter Performance

There’s nothing more frustrating than breaking down while out riding on a crisp, winter day. Most maintenance mishaps can be prevented by performing quick and simple maintenance checks before a day out on the trails. Lofty Peaks Adventure LLC has snowmobile technicians on staff who are ready and available to show you exactly how to keep that engine running smoothly and efficiently. Follow these 4 simple recommendations to ensure a fun-filled and adventurous day riding the trails. Snowmobile Maintenance Tips for Top Notch Winter Performance

1. Check Fluids Regularly

In order to keep the engine running at peak performance, you should regularly check all engine fluids. Just as your body cannot work at its best without food and water, your engine cannot function at its best without oil and other necessary fluids. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best type of oil to use.

2. Allow the Engine to Warm Up

This one tip can mean all the difference in how well your snowmachine functions, especially at the very start of your trip. Starting up your machine and driving it almost immediately can keep it from warming up properly. Allowing the engine to idle before riding lets all parts of the machine fill with fluids and warm up slowly and completely in the cold, brisk weather.

3. Wash after Every Ride

Washing your snowmobile after every single ride may seem like a nuisance but it will save you time and money in expensive repairs down the road. While out riding, your machine picks up dirt, debris, salt, oil, and grease. Left on the snowmobile, these materials can cause rust and corrosion. Giving your machine a thorough wash, or at the very least, a good spray with the hose, which can prevent a lot of unnecessary wear and tear.

4. Transport in an Enclosed Trailer

Transporting your snowmobile to and from the trails will keep even more road debris, salt, and grease off of your machine. If an enclosed trailer is not an option, consider wrapping it with a cover while driving it to and from your riding location. Following these tips can help your snowmobile last longer, reduce problems while out on the trail, and also offer improved fuel efficiency. Contact our repair shop at (435) 654-5810 with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to help!