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3 Ways to Make the Most of a Snowmobile Adventure

Here at Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC, we know our snow and have been sharing our passion for snowmobiling with other adventure-seekers in Utah for over 30 years. Consider the following tips from the pros before you head out on your next snowmobile adventure. snowmobile tours Utah

1. Safety First

Every year in the United States, people are injured while out snowmobiling because they don’t ride safely. Be sure to ride to your ability and take proper precautions so that you don’t become a statistic. Take a look at our Snowmobile Safety Tips, and if you are new to riding snow machines, consider taking a safety course or heading out with a pro on a guided snowmobile tour.

2. Plan Ahead

By planning your snowmobile trip ahead of time, you can book your rental and a guide on the dates that are most convenient for you. When heading out with one of our guides, there isn’t much more planning for you to do. However, if you’re heading out on a snowmobile rental without a guide, you’ll want to plan your route and approximate timeline and share it with someone who is staying behind. You’ll also need to pack some water, snacks, and safety gear. Being prepared will ensure you have a perfect day out on the trails.

3. Dress Accordingly

There is a saying that says “there is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes.” When it comes to enjoying any outdoor recreational activity, it’s important to check weather reports and dress appropriately. Frozen toes and fingers can really put a damper on a snowmobile excursion, as can overheating from wearing overly hot clothes that don’t wick moisture. We recommend dressing in layers, wearing outerwear that will cut the wind and keep you dry, and bringing extras in case you do get wet. Whether you’re looking for a ski and snowmobile tour package at Snowbird, a guided adventure in the Wasatch Mountains near Park City, or you want an unguided snowmobile rental that you can tow out to the backcountry on your own, Lofty Peaks has just what you’re looking for. Check out our specials, or contact us at (888) 472-7669 to learn about our rental and tour options. You can also use our online reservation system to make a booking at one of our three convenient locations.