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3 Reasons to Reserve a Snowmobile Rental from Lofty Peaks

As the premiere snowmobile outfitter in Midway, Lofty Peaks Adventure LLC provides hours of exciting winter entertainment with our snowmobile rentals. We welcome both locals and out-of-towners to take advantage of either our guided or unguided snowmobile tours. Keep reading to learn why you should plan your next snowmobile adventure with Lofty Peaks. 3 Reasons to Reserve a Snowmobile Rental from Lofty Peaks

1. Accommodate Locals & Visitors

Whether you’re from the Midway area or you’ve planned an out-of-town snowmobile winter vacation, the staff at Lofty Peaks accommodates all of our customers. We provide several different types of snowmobiles including popular brands such as Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Ski-Doo, as well as guided tours for those who are not as experienced with snowmobiles. There are also four different trailheads you can choose from, including Snake Creek Trailhead near Midway.

2. Access to More Trails

If you’re looking for trails that offer different views and terrain, working with Lofty Peaks will provide this and more. We have access to four trailheads. Three of those trailheads, Lake Creek Trailhead, Snake Creek Trailhead, and Nobletts Trailhead, include guided tours from our professional snowmobile staff. If you’re looking to explore the area on your own, then you’ll really enjoy Strawberry Valley Current Creek Road Trailhead. It’s great for beginners and has miles of flat groomed trails where you can simply take pleasure in enjoying the sights.

3. Choose from Several Adventures

At Lofty Peaks, we provide guided snowmobile rentals in either 3-hour, 4-hour, or 6-hour tours. We also offer unguided snowmobile tours at any timetable, from one-hour rentals to all-day rentals. With our top-of-the-line equipment, breathtaking scenery can be viewed when you choose any of our snowmobile adventures. We’ll even help you customize your next snowmobile excursion if you’re not sure where to begin.

Plan Your Snowmobile Adventure With Us

Contact Lofty Peaks today at (435) 654-5810 to reserve one of our well-maintained snowmachines. We serve Midway and the surrounding areas with our snowmobile rentals as well as our ATV rentals and snowmobile repairs and services.