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Area Trailheads We Service

Lake Creek Trailhead

Address: East Lake Creek Road, Heber City
Map & Directions

Services: Delivery available. Guided tours from this location are available.
Description: This trailhead is 15 minutes from our location, and we can deliver to this location and also guide from this location. This is not the highest location or starting point, however it is the closest drop off point and where we will be doing most of our drop offs. Parking is limited on weekends. This is a forest service access point with hundreds of miles of play area. It is beginner friendly and mostly flat with some rolling hills. As you travel into the back country from this location you will find the first few miles to be very easy and scenic. Great for half day rentals, however if on a full day, you can connect into other trail systems by following the maps provided.

Snake Creek Trailhead

Address: Snake Creek Canyon Road, Midway
Map & Directions

Services: Guided tours from this location are available.
Description: This trailhead is just 22 minutes from our location. It is not a beginner friendly area. We do not recommend this area for those with little to no experience in snowmobiling the back country. If desired, clients can ride this area, however we would suggest going guided. It is full of great views and vistas and many groomed trails, however with its steepness, hidden gullies, and big bowls, a rider can get into a lot of trouble in a hurry. Our guides know this area really well and know where some great play areas are. This is great for the rider that likes it steep and deep.

Nobletts Trailhead

Address: 8086 UT-35, Kamas
Map & Directions

Services: Delivery available. Guided tours from this location are available.
Description: This trailhead is 45 minutes from our location. We can offer guided services and delivery services to this location. The parking area is very large and parking during the week is not an issue but weekends and holiday parking can be crowded. The riding area is so large that you can spend three days of exploring and never see the same thing twice. It also allows riders to spread out and even on busy days you don’t see many other people. This is a great area for full day and multi-day trips. The first few miles are easy, on a groomed trail, leading into any type of rider experience. Wild to Mild is our moto here. The drive time is worth it and why it is one of the most popular local spots in Utah. Here we will be exploring the High Uinta Mountains with many overlooks, meadows, and possible wildlife sightings. This trail system will even take you over to the Mirror Lake Highway, a summer scenic byway that will take you over to Bear River Service above Evanston, Wyoming. For those who really want to explore and ride for a couple days, plan a three day trip and stay at a great lodge accessible by snowmobile.

Strawberry Valley Current Creek Road Trailhead

Address: Wasatch County, UT
Map & Directions

Description: This trailhead is 27 minutes from our location. It is great for beginners, flat with lots of area to ride and miles and miles of groomed trails. If you are looking to cover some miles and just enjoy seeing the sights, this is a great place. It is really close to some large lakes and rivers that can be hazardous to snowmobiles in the winter. You need to watch out for open water, river and creek beds, and even soft ice sometimes in the early and late part of the season. There are also two lodges in the area that if planned ahead of time you could rent and plan an overnighter or just a couple days to ride in and out of. Both lodges have food available year-round and some great dining options for riders.