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Service Your Snowmobile with These 4 Post-Season Maintenance Tips

The snow is melting and signs of spring are beginning to pop up all over. Unfortunately, this also means that the snowmobile season is coming to an end. The service team at Lofty Peaks Adventure LLC is here to prep your sled for summer storage. If you choose to take care of this maintenance yourself, we recommend you follow these four post-season maintenance tips for a well-performing snowmobile next winter. Service Your Snowmobile with These 4 Post-Season Maintenance Tips

1. Grease the Suspension

The first task is to grease the suspension and drivetrain. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations in the owner’s manual for the best type of grease to use. You may also wish to spray the tie rods and skid arms with WD-40 to prevent rust from forming. 

2. Add Fuel Stabilizer & Fogging Oil

When gas is left in the engine of your snowmobile over the summer, it can separate, leading to corrosion. Adding a fuel stabilizer will prevent this from happening. Fogging the engine can also protect the rod pins, cylinder walls, and the crankshaft from this same type of corrosion.

3. Pull Out the Battery

When in storage, the snowmobile’s battery can lose its charge. Once the charge is gone, it cannot be recharged. The best way to keep your battery in working condition over the summer is to remove it and set it on a battery tender. The tender will keep the battery charged without overcharging it, ensuring it’s ready for you next winter.

4. Clean & Cover Your Sled

The last thing you’ll want to do is clean away all the dirt, snow, and slush that has been stuck to your snowmobile all winter. Be sure to wash it and let it thoroughly dry. Next, you’ll want to cover it with a waterproof cover, even if you’re storing it indoors.

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