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Explore These Trails on Your Next Snowmobile Adventure

Are you prepping your snowmobile for a fun-filled winter of exploring trails, enjoying the scenery, and experiencing the rush of peeling through the snow? Start planning for that day or weekend away by reserving your snowmobile rentals now at Lofty Peaks Adventure LLC. With both guided and unguided tours and trailheads available, you’ll be glad you rented with us. Choose one or more of the trailheads below to begin your snowmobile adventure this winter. Explore These Trails on Your Next Snowmobile Adventure

Lake Creek Trailhead

Only 15 minutes from Lofty Peaks, Lake Creek trailhead contains hundreds of miles of area to explore. This trail is very beginner-friendly, along with being mostly flat with many rolling hills. Explore the scenic trails with one of our single or two-seater snowmobiles. This trail is also just right for our half-day rentals. 

Snake Creek Trailhead

Snake Creek trailhead, located in Midway, is full of roaming animals such as wild turkeys and deer. This trailhead is ideal for more experienced riders as it does contain some rough terrain. If you’re not an experienced snowmobiler, you can take advantage of our guided tours. Our highly skilled guides can show you the great views along this trail while keeping you safe from steep hills and hidden gullies. 

Nobletts Trailhead

One of the largest trailheads in Utah, Nobletts is perfect for full-day or multi-day trips. With its well-groomed trails, it has become one of the most popular snowmobile routes in the area. Just like the Snake Creek trailhead, you’ll be sure to spot local wildlife while traversing through the snow.

Strawberry Valley Current Creek Road Trailhead

This Wasatch County trail is mostly flat with miles and miles of groomed trails. It’s a prime location for a smooth, slow ride as well as enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Be sure to watch for open water, even in the winter. While the water may seem like its frozen solid, it may be soft due to the fluctuations of the daily temperature.

Serving Midway and Beyond

Lofty Peaks is glad to serve the Midway area and all nearby communities with our affordable and well-maintained snowmobile rentals. If you own a snowmobile and need expert service, call our service and repair shop at (435) 654-5810 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you have a memorable snowmobiling experience!