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Before heading out to enjoy one of winter’s most exhilarating outdoor activities – snowmobiling – please take the time to read through these snowmobile safety tips. Each year in the United States there are thousands of snowmobile accidents leading to hundreds of preventable injuries and deaths. The main causes of these accidents are excessive speed, natural obstacles, and alcohol consumption. Don’t become a statistic. Ride safely, ride defensively, and have fun! • Check the weather reports and avalanche reports if riding in the mountains. • Always wear a helmet and dress in layers appropriate for the weather. • Give your snowmobile a once-over to be sure it is in good repair before heading out. If you’re renting a snowmobile, rent from a reputable company. • Carry a first aid kit, simple repair kit and winter survival gear, particularly on long rides. • Carry a fully charged cell phone. • Ride with a buddy. • Plan your route and let others know where you’re headed. • Stay off thin ice and waterways with unknown ice conditions. • Drive at speeds that coincide with trail conditions, visibility, and your skill level. • New to sledding? Hit the trail with a group of experienced riders or better yet, with a pro who can take you on a guided tour. • Join your local snowmobile association and take part in one of their training or safety courses. Also visit the SnowTracks website for more safety trips and trail reports. • Never ever drink and ride. Have more snowmobile questions? Our staff at Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC would be glad to assist you. Whether you want to map your own route or join a professionally guided snowmobile or ATV tour, we have four convenient locations around Salt Lake City offering a variety of services including rentals and tours. Contact us today and be sure to check out our current specials before booking your snowmobile rental in Utah.