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Let Us Maintain Your Snowmobile with These 7 Repairs (Part 2)

When an unexpected rock chips your windshield, or the track of your snowmachine is falling apart, you need expert snowmobile repair from Lofty Peaks Adventure LLC. We are up to the task of fixing, restoring, and overhauling your snowmachine, getting it back to its original pristine condition. We offer several types of repairs and services, including the four below. Let Us Maintain Your Snowmobile with These 7 Repairs (Part 2)

4. Windshield Repair & Replacement

When you need your windshield replaced, our expert mechanics are more than up to the job. If your snowmobile’s windshield has seen better days, we’re more than happy to repair or replace it. We cover all manner of windshield damage:
  • Major cracks
  • Minor chips
  • Shattered glass
  • Complete replacement

5. Snowmobile Ski & Carbide Replacement

Skis and carbides are essential parts of a snowmobile that control steering, manage difficult terrain, and provide the necessary traction. They also work together to handle hard snow, ice, and pavement. If you’re looking for a specific type of ski, our technicians can help you choose the best ones for you. Skis come in a variety of widths and sizes:
  • Single or double-ski models
  • Wide and narrow skis
  • Factory-installed
  • High-performance

6. Snowmobile Track Repair

Repairing a snowmobile track should not be left to an amateur or inexperienced mechanic. It’s one of the most important parts of your snowmobile. As professional snowmobile mechanics, we are more than competent in fully restoring your machine. See us for these types of track repairs and more:
  • Small or large rips
  • Minor tears or splits
  • Major holes or slits

7. Snowmobile Oil Change

Just like you would change the oil in your personal vehicle every three months, you also need to schedule regular oil changes for your snowmobile. Whether you’ve driven 2500 miles or it’s the beginning of a new season, our professional technicians are highly skilled at providing oil changes for all makes and models of snowmobiles.

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Whether you need regular maintenance, expert repairs, or major overhauls, let our professional mechanics take care of your snowmobile woes. We’ll have your machine ready and waiting for you to hit that fresh powder! Contact us today at (435) 654-5810 to schedule that much-needed maintenance. We gladly serve Snowbird and all surrounding areas.