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3 Common Snowmobile Problems Encountered While Riding the Trails

Being prepared for common snowmobile problems while out on the trails can make all the difference between a satisfying snowmobile ride or a disappointing one. At Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC, we want to help you be prepared for some of these common issues. Read over these three snowmobile issues you may encounter while riding your sled.  3 Common Snowmobile Problems Encountered While Riding the Trails

1. Flooded Engine

A flooded snowmobile engine is a very common problem while out riding the trails. A sled can flood if the engine is over-primed or over-choked. One way to correct this problem is to simply give it time. Let any extra fuel evaporate for about 20 minutes before restarting. You can also attempt to dry the spark plugs on your own if you don’t want to wait.

2. Overheated Engine

There are several problems that can cause a snowmobile engine to overheat. If this does occur, stop riding immediately. Check the coolant to ensure it’s at the proper level and inspect the heat exchanger for any damage or debris. You may also want to check that a snow flap isn’t stuck in a track. If your snowmobile is liquid-cooled, it could be overheating due to a lack of snow. Fan-cooled sleds can get too hot if the air temperature is too warm to cool the engine down.

3. Problem With the Clutch

If your snowmobile breaks down due to a clutch issue, you probably won’t be able to repair it while out on the trails. The best way to prevent the clutch from being damaged is to check it over before you start riding. Thoroughly inspect the drive belt and the lugs and edges each time you set out for a snowy journey. 

We Repair Snowmobiles

If you experience any of these issues, give our service department a call. Contact us at (435) 654-5810 to make an appointment. We serve Heber City and the surrounding areas with our snowmobile repairs. We also rent snowmobiles, provide guided tours, and rent ATVs during the warmer seasons. Source:   “Common Snowmobiles Problems and How to Fix Them in the Field.” Finntrail. Finntrail Team, 28 May. 2021. Web. 17 Jan. 2022.