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4 Reasons to Book a Guided ATV Tour

If you’ve never experienced riding an ATV through open and winding trails, then you have to plan an ATV tour before the cold weather hits. If you’re an experienced ATV rider, then you know that riding these machines is exhilarating, exciting, and so much fun! At Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC, we provide ATV rentals and tours for locals and visitors to the Salt Lake City area. Keep reading to learn four reasons why you should book an ATV tour today. 4 Reasons to Book a Guided ATV Tour

1. Get Some Much-Need Exercise

While it may not seem like it, riding an ATV is a great way to exercise outdoors. You have to maintain balance on your RZR or side-by-side over rough and rocky terrain which is not always an easy task. Plus, you can park your ATV and walk through areas that are not accessible by machine. 

2. Experience Stress Relief

Sometimes you have to do something to let off a little steam. Taking an ATV tour is a fabulous way of forgetting about work or life struggles and simply enjoying being alive. It’s also fun, exciting, and an absolute thrill to focus on nothing but riding the trails.

3. Enjoy That Adrenaline Rush

If it’s been a while since you’ve done something fun and exciting for yourself, consider scheduling an ATV tour. Be sure to invite a few friends to join you or make it a special family outing. You will be surprised at how much you love driving one of these adventurous machines and experiencing that adrenaline rush while accelerating through curvy paths and bumpy courses.

4. Spend Time with Family

If you are a parent of teenagers, you know how hard it can be to plan any kind of family outing that everyone will enjoy. If you asked your teens if they’d like to go ATV riding, we bet you’d get a resounding YES from all of them! Have fun and make some memories together when you schedule an ATV tour with us.

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Contact Lofty Peaks Adventures by calling (435) 654-5810 or make your reservation online today. We offer several types of ATV rentals such as side-by-sides, RZRs, two-seaters, four-seaters, and six-seaters. We look forward to helping you make the most of your summer in Salt Lake City.  Source: “The Top 10 Reasons to Go on An ATV Tour.” Web article. Explore Sierra Touring Company. Web. 18 Jul. 2022.