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3 Things to Do in Snowbird, UT

Are you planning a trip to Snowbird, Utah during the winter months? Looking for some local attractions and activities? Utah’s Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC gives you three suggestions of ways to spend a winter day in Snowbird.

1. Ride the Winter Tram.

How does an aerial view of Utah’s snow-covered ski slopes sound? The Scenic Aerial Tram in Snowbird takes you 11,000 feet up Hidden Peak in about ten minutes, allowing you to soak in your surroundings and see Snowbird like you never have before.

2. Experience the thrill of the Mountain Coaster.

When the winter snow hits Little Cottonwood Canyon, this scenic area is transformed into the Snowbird Mountain Coaster. You ride on a cart that carries up to two people down a preset track that twists and turns toward the Snowbird Center. The Mountain Coaster’s hours of operation are based on current weather conditions, so check out the Snowbird Mountain Coaster website for the latest updates and pricing.

3. Explore Snowbird on a snowmobiling tour.

Snowbird Ski Resort and Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC have worked together to create some fantastic guided snowmobiling tours. You can choose from a couple of different options, depending on how long you’d like to ride the snow drifts of Little Cottonwood Canyon. If a tour isn’t your thing, you can also rent a snowmobile through Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC’s Heber City location. Contact Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC if you want to discover more about our snowmobile rentals. Or, if you want to go ahead and book a guided snowmobiling tour at Snowbird, call (385) 239-8196 to request a reservation. You can also fill out our online reservation request.