Ski-Doo Expedition 600cc (2-Seater)


Type: Snowmobiles


The ever popular, versatile and easy-to-ride Ski-Doo Expedition is a two person trail and off-trail sled. With the four stroke motor and 154 inches of track, this sled provides you with not only comfort but also the flotation and power to take you through that Utah Powder, that we all look for. These expeditions will take you the distance all day, without needing to worry about fuel. Best machine for novices, casual rides, families and full day excursions.

Prices do not include $25 damage agreement.
*There is a 2 sled minimum on unguided full day rentals.

Full Day
+$25 Damage Agreement
+$15 Oil Fee

• Full Day Rentals: 8:30am-4:30pm
• Multi-Day Rental: Call for details

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