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Wildlife Viewing In Wasatch Mountain State Park

Wasatch Mountain State Park offers endless possibilities for camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, golfing, off-roading, and much more. It is also an amazing area to visit if you want to get up close and personal with Utah’s spectacular wildlife. As the exclusive permittee for all of your off-road ATV and snowmobiling journeys, Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC offers special access to the park as well as thousands of acres in the adjoining Wasatch National Forest. Wasatch Wildlife Encounters In addition to enjoying spectacular views, when exploring Wasatch State Park and the Wasatch National Forest, visitors should keep their eyes open for local wildlife. With over 600 species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and mammals in Utah, you’re bound to happen across a few while you’re out and about. The Wasatch mountains and forest are home to deer, elk, moose, racoons, beavers, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, sandhill cranes, wild turkeys, red tailed hawks, golden eagles, and barn owls, to name only a few. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars! Exclusive Access To The Park We offer exclusive off-road vehicle access to Wasatch State Park via guided or self-guided ATV rentals. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides can make this visit one to remember and will do their best to help you get that wildlife photo you’ve been wanting to capture. With rentals available to pick-up right at the Cascade Springs trailhead, what could be more convenient? Don’t Forget The Powder The Wasatch Mountain Range receives very heavy snowfall, and with approximately 90 miles of maintained snowmobile trails in the park, the area is a perfect destination for outdoor adventurers all year round. With guided and unguided snowmobile rentals, we can help you see this remarkable mountain range, even when most people are hiding from the snow. What better way to experience one of Utah’s most popular state parks than on an exclusive ATV adventure in the backcountry? Contact Lofty Peaks today at (435) 654-5810 to make a reservation and see why so many people love off-roading in Utah. Don’t wait, adventure awaits!