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What to Bring for Your ATV Adventure

Renting an ATV can be the thrill of a lifetime, but you won’t be getting the most out of your experience without the proper gear. At Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC in Utah, we love helping people plan their adventures and outfit groups with the right equipment for the job. Once you have decided which ATV rental is right for you, the next step is making sure you are prepared for the ride! ATV Rental

Helmet and Goggles

Always wear a helmet. Even if the ATV does not tip over, bumpy trails can lead to unpredictable movements. Keep your head protected from impact with the ATV frame or other objects on the trail. Goggles are important to protect your eyes from chunks of dirt or rock that may get kicked up while riding.


Leave the flip-flops at home. Boots not only keep your feet shielded from debris, but it also gives you a sure footing when you need it. One of the most important things you need to have on the ride is a good grip on your vehicle!

Appropriate Clothing

While some experienced riders invest in more expensive off-roading suits and protection, others can still stay safe with the right clothing. Durable jeans and a long sleeve shirt or jacket are always a good plan. Also, keep a close eye on the weather. If it’s colder, be on the safe side, and bring extra layers.


Gloves keep your hands safe from incoming rocks or branches. They also can keep your hands warmer during the cooler parts of the day. Riding gloves typically have padding over the knuckles to prevent bruises, but many brands of outdoor/workman’s gloves will be suitable for the trail.

Other Useful Items

Snacks and water are especially needed for longer ATV excursions. It’s important to stay hydrated. Also, sunscreen and bug repellant are handy since you will be spending extended amounts of time in the great outdoors! Whether you are planning to rent an ATV for just a few hours or for multiple days, being prepared with the right equipment will help you feel comfortable and safe on the trail. Make a reservation for an ATV tour or rental today, or call Lofty Peaks today at (435) 654-5810 for more information.