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Ride the Largest ATV Trail in the U.S.

With over 900 miles of trails, the Paiute ATV Trail is the largest in the nation—and it’s right here in South Central Utah! ATV enthusiasts from all over Utah and the whole country bring their ATVs to the Paiute ATV trail to enjoy off-road adventure at its best. Whether you’re getting an ATV rental for the first time or you’ve been riding off road for years, this Utah attraction is great for everyone. According to ATV Utah, “The Paiute ATV Trail caters to relaxing and family-type riding. Riders along the trails enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of a deeply dense forest, as well as popular activities like fishing or camping near the path.” The trail offers some really scenic views. You can enjoy views from on top of ridges, surveying Utah for miles around. You may also be able to spot a variety of wildlife, like local deer or elk. The Pauite ATV Trail passes through or near many small towns in South Central Utah, but for a full map or connecting points, you will want to check out ATV Utah’s Pauite ATV Trail page. There, you can get information on where you might like to get on the trail and perhaps lodge overnight. Some nearby towns include Aurora, Elsinore, Monroe, Joseph, and more. Wondering about the best time to ride your ATV rental on the Paiute ATV trail? You can ride the Paiute ATV Trail (or at least parts of it) throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. September and October may be your best bet. After October, some of the trails close due to October storms and other weather conditions. Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC, a Utah-based ATV rental company, recommends that you check out the Paiute Trail for your next long ride. If you live near Salt Lake City, Park City, Midway, or Heber City, you can easily rent some ATVs, including a trailer, and head off on an adventure to the Paiute ATV Trail. Make a weekend out of it! To book an ATV rental, contact Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC by calling (435) 654-7455. Our friendly and helpful staff will gladly help get the ATV rental you need.