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4 Different Types of ATVs

Are you planning an ATV adventure this summer? Maybe you’ve never experienced off-road driving and would like to try it out with family or friends. If you’re not sure which ATV is right for you, the team at Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC has created a brief guide of the four basic types of ATVs. Keep reading to discover which one you’d like to experience first. 4 Different Types of ATVs

1. Sport ATV

Sport ATVs are just right for roaming trails, climbing up and down mountainsides, and simply having fun. They have powerful engines and strong suspensions for riding over rough terrain. These sporty vehicles are also great for uneven, rugged land such as dunes, forests, and swamps.

2. Utility ATV

Not as powerful as a sport ATV, the utility ATV is strong enough to get you through some rough landscape. Their main purpose is for hauling cargo, which is why they’re not built for speed but instead for power and agility. Many people use these vehicles when traveling to a hunting cabin or fishing spot deep in the woods. 

3. Side-by-Side ATV

These all-terrain vehicles are called side-by-sides because they have two front seats and sometimes two back seats. They’re outfitted just like a small car, with a steering wheel, seat belts, and foot pedals. These types of ATVs are excellent for off-road terrain. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors alongside others, then a side-by-side is definitely for you.

4. Youth ATV

Youth ATVs are safe enough for your children to ride, but powerful enough for them to enjoy all sorts of fun. They can be customized to your child’s size and level of experience. Many of them are built with electric starts and automatic clutches to make it easier for kids to learn how to ride. 

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Now that you have a better idea of which type of ATV is best suited for the experience you’re looking for, it’s time to plan your next summer outdoor adventure. Make a reservation today by calling Lofty Peaks at (435) 654-5810. Take advantage of our ATV tours located in the Park City area. We also offer service and repair for your personal all-terrain vehicle. Source: Ednoff, Emily. “Different Types of ATVs.” Web blog post. SportRX. 04 Dec. 2019. Web. 22 May. 2020.