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3 Popular Side-By-Side Trails in Utah

Utah offers outdoor travelers several amazing places and terrains to explore. From towering mountains and dense forests to sandy dunes and beautiful waterways, the Beehive State is the ideal location for side-by-side enthusiasts. For your next ATV journey, reserve a side-by-side rental from Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC and plan on visiting one of these three popular ATV trails below.  3 Popular Side-By-Side Trails in Utah

1. Little Sahara Recreational Area

If you want to ride for hours over mountains of smooth sand, then the Little Sahara Recreational Area is the perfect choice. Sand basins stretch for miles and offer perfect views of your surroundings. This desert-like terrain is great for ATV riders who enjoy slow, leisurely drives, but also ideal if you want to ride all day in the sand. Be sure to check out the Sevier River, a portion of the area that dried out over 10,000 years ago and is now the largest dune in Little Sahara.

2. The Great Western Trail

From Canada to Mexico, the Great Western Trail extends for over 4,000 miles, with 1,600 of those miles running through Utah. This trail attracts many experienced side-by-side riders who are looking for trails that are a bit more challenging. There’s nothing boring about this international pathway as you’ll drive through forests, mountains, and sandy regions. Plan to stop and enjoy other outdoor activities like fishing, boating, or whitewater rafting. Many outdoor adventurers make a weekend or vacation out of exploring the Great Western Trail by bringing along tents and camping supplies. 

3. Uinta National Forest ATV Trail

Like the Great Western Trail, the Uinta National Forest is also ideal for multiple-day trips. This long and winding track is where you’ll find King’s Peak, the highest point in Utah. If you thrive on adventure, you will particularly like the challenging climbs, vast wilderness areas, and steep drop-offs. Be sure to dress in layers as this area is known for its cool temperatures.

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