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Red Butte Garden

If you’re renting a snowmobile or ATV from Lofty Peaks Adventures LLC, you probably love spending time in the great outdoors. Utah provides visitors with many recreational opportunities to be outside. One popular place to visit in Salt Lake City is the Red Butte Garden. The Red Butte Garden, a non-profit organization, features over 100 acres of gardens and walking paths. As the largest botanical garden in the Intermountain West, it should definitely be on your list of things to do while visiting the Salt Lake City area.

Beautiful All Year Round

Since the Red Butte Garden is open year-round, visitors will get to see a variety of flowers and other foliage, depending on the time of year. Daffodils are abundant in the spring, while summer presents visitors with a beautiful variety of roses, providing a wonderful and relaxing scene for picnics, walks, and events.

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Arts and Cultural Events

But, the Garden has so much more than just pretty flowers. Because the Red Butte Garden is a part of the University of Utah, it is also a museum of living plants, which are used in research and conservation. Want something fun to do during the summer months? From May to September, visitors can witness a variety of outdoor performances that include concerts, film screenings, and local theatre productions. The Garden also hosts other events throughout the year from photography exhibits to pruning workshops.

The Red Butte Garden is just a small snippet of the true beauty of Salt Lake City. After enjoying a leisurely stroll in the Garden, experience nature in a new way on the back of an ATV or snowmobile. Contact us to request a reservation for a self-guided rental or to join a guided tour during your next visit to Salt Lake City. Looking for some other suggestions for local attractions that are indoors? The Living Planet Aquarium near Sandy, UT, will delight and inspire your family with its various displays of exotic animals.