Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is filled with history, adventure, and beauty, and it makes a great day trip after the loads of fun you’ll have on an ATV rental or snowmobile rental in Utah. You can’t come to Utah without seeing the Great Salt Lake! This 75-mile-long and 35-mile-wide phenomenon actually produces enough salt for some businesses to extract and use it as table salt. Visitors and residents alike, however, love it for its white sand beaches and craggy islands—like Antelope Island, perfect for hiking or mountain biking. And to top it all off, the orange, red, pink, and golden yellow sunsets over the lake are often breathtaking!

ATV Rentals in Salt Lake City

Whether you’re a resident of Salt Lake City or just planning a trip to the area, an ATV rental in Salt Lake City is a perfect way to explore the mountains and forests of Utah! Lofty Peaks offers new, well-maintained Salt Lake City ATV rentals and has thousands of acres of rugged, beautiful terrain to explore with the family. We work with your time and your budget to create the perfect ATV rental experience.

Salt Lake City ATV Tours

A guided ATV tour may sound boring to you, but think of it this way. Instead of trekking out on your own to the unknown acres of Lofty Peaks land with the potential of getting lost and being frustrated, allow a seasoned ATV advocate guide you to the best trails and best views around! We have a variety of Salt Lake City ATV tour times to satisfy your schedule and budget. Come with the whole family and have the trip of a lifetime on an ATV tour in Utah!

Snowmobile Rentals in Salt Lake City

For loads of fun on your next winter vacation or trip to Salt Lake City, consider a snowmobile rental. At Lofty Peaks, our snowmobile rentals are researched and tested in mountain snow conditions, so we can guarantee a fun, safe ride through craggy mountain tops and meadows of newly fallen snow. Take your snowmobile rental to the 11,000 foot summit of Wasatch Mountain and experience panoramic views of Salt Lake City covered in a beautiful winter blanket of crisp snow!

Salt Lake City Snowmobile Tours

Both of our locations offer great rugged and expansive terrain as well as great equipment, facilities, and service. Salt Lake City is accessible from both locations of Lofty Peaks; it’s easy to enjoy a Utah snowmobile tour when staying in Salt Lake City when you choose Lofty Peaks. You’ll see all the best parts of Utah while having fun with the whole family on a snowmobiling adventure in Salt Lake City! You won’t believe the options of snowmobiling we offer. Contact us for more information about your trip to Salt Lake City!